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Video: Welcome to the Self-Driving Enterprise

Imagine if your business was self-driving. Real-time and always-on. Connected outside and in. Thinking and autonomous. With Aera - it is.



Imagine the Self-Driving Enterprise

Welcome to the age of self-driving enterprise. And when you reinvent the vehicle, suddenly everything else changes, too – the way you collaborate, the way you plan, the way you engage with those around you, the way you make decisions. Today we are unveiling Aera and this is precisely what Aera does.



The Wall Street Journal


Germany’s Merck Introduces Automation to Supply Chain

The company is currently using analytics software from venture-backed company Aera Technology Inc. to mitigate supply shortages, predict spikes in demand and bottlenecks with about 100 products related to fertility drugs, Mr. de Luca said. It plans to expand the pilot program to its 5,000 products by the end of next year, which will add significant competitive advantage, he said.

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Enterprise Times


Cognitive Machines and the Future of Work

In our AI-driven future, machines will take over data collection and number-crunching chores traditionally handled by planners. This scenario goes a step further with a cognitive operating system. This uses AI to think and learn over time and deliver specific recommendations to optimize supply chain operations.

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Philadelphia, PA
Sep 04
, 2018

Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

Designed to make companies think differently and drive new outcomes. Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, now in its sixth year, bringing supply chain business leaders together to imagine the future of digital transformation.

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Philadelphia, PA
Sep 05
, 2018

LogiPharma US 2018

Senior level supply chain executives within Life Sciences gather to transform their supply chain by going beyond logistics. For over 15 years, LogiPharma attendees unite for a holistic look at the global supply chain by promoting end-to-end visibility and strategies proven to better serve customers while minimizing costs.

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London, UK
Sep 23
, 2018

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

At Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2018, join fellow supply chain leaders and their teams to discover how to set strategic goals appropriate to your organization’s maturity level. Position your supply chain for success, now and for the long term. Redefine the concept of what a supply chain should do to drive value for your organization. Start your journey to mastery now.

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