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Video: Welcome to the Self-Driving Enterprise

Imagine if your business was self-driving. Real-time and always-on. Connected outside and in. Thinking and autonomous. With Aera - it is.



Germany’s Merck Introduces Automation to Supply Chain

The company is currently using analytics software from venture-backed company Aera Technology Inc. to mitigate supply shortages, predict spikes in demand and bottlenecks with about 100 products related to fertility drugs, Mr. de Luca said. It plans to expand the pilot program to its 5,000 products by the end of next year, which will add significant competitive advantage, he said.


Aera in Action.

Cambridge, MA
May 16
, 2019

Johnson & Johnson Creates an Intelligent Supply Chain

These days, there's nothing simple about supply and demand. With goods being manufactured all over the world, and customers expecting a very personal experience when they purchase goods and services, the idea of an intelligent, efficient supply chain becomes an increasingly vital part of doing business.

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San Francisco, CA
Jun 26
, 2019

Cognitive Automation and AI in Business

Cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer businesses an incredible opportunity to rethink traditional processes. But are AI and intelligent automation different than other enterprise technologies?

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Parsippany, NJ
Jun 26
, 2019

Cognitive Automation in Pricing, Promotions, and Forecasting

How can a large organization use cognitive automation to innovate crucial business processes? For RB, whose products include Lysol and Mucinex, one of the answers was moving away from proprietary IT technology and partnering with companies such as Aera Technology.

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine


Closing the Gaps in the Supply Chain

Achieving true end-to-end supply chain visibility relies largely on digitally connecting things and data as a first step. Robust, secure cloud technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are working together to develop next-gen supply chains with a host of features and capabilities.

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Constellation Research DisrupTV


DisrupTV Show: Cognitive Automation and Future of the Enterprise Apps

Aera President and CEO Frederic Laluyaux joins hosts Ray Wang and Vala Afshar to discuss cognitive automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and how large companies are adapting to meet consumer demands.