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Video: Welcome to the Self-Driving Enterprise

Imagine if your business was self-driving. Real-time and always-on. Connected outside and in. Thinking and autonomous. With Aera - it is.



Imagine the Self-Driving Enterprise

Welcome to the age of self-driving enterprise. And when you reinvent the vehicle, suddenly everything else changes, too – the way you collaborate, the way you plan, the way you engage with those around you, the way you make decisions. Today we are unveiling Aera and this is precisely what Aera does.





The New Edge: Unpacking Cognitive Automation

Think of it as the conversation shifting from pain to gain. Unanimously, these businesses seem to believe in the concept of transformation, using artificial intelligence and extending human intelligence. The new focus is not on the data but on the system that distributes executive intelligence.

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Supply Chain Dive


How to build an intelligent supply chain

The cognitive operating system provides the computing connectivity. Laluyaux said that Aera’s system crawls transactional systems, like Google crawls websites. In some cases, their system has to crawl 54 different ERPs at one company, which is not unusual.

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Mar 06
May 25
, 2018

LogiMed USA 2018

LogiMed is a focused conference for supply chain VPs and Directors from medical device and diagnostics manufacturers. Through case study examples, small group discussions, and structured networking activities, you’ll identify best practices to improve your end-to-end supply chain and minimize cost in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

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Apr 10
, 2018

LogiPharma 2018

Where the top minds in pharma supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, IT, quality and sourcing meet and shape the future of their…

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May 14
, 2018

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

What does it take to survive and thrive in an ever-volatile business environment? Supply chains like yours need to embrace the transformative power of agility and responsiveness so that they can quickly anticipate and respond to unexpected events, and turn disruption to advantage.  Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2018 - Move to Mastery: Innovate, Disrupt and Scale the Digital Supply Chain - is designed to help supply chain leaders like you and your team on this critical journey.

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