Test Drive the Aera Decision Cloud™

Experience the value of Decision Intelligence in just 2 to 4 weeks. Our hands-on Test Drive gives you actionable insights and recommendations generated from your data.

With the Aera Test Drive, you experience the powerful capabilities of the Aera Decision Cloud platform, including harmonized data, AI-enabled insights, and actionable recommendations.

See the benefits of Decision Intelligence in the context of your business. Gain an understanding of the commercial and technical requirements – and potential value to your company – of deploying decision-making AI.

Assess your organization’s readiness to start your Decision Intelligence journey. Schedule a meeting to learn more about an Aera Test Drive today.

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What do you get as part of the Aera Test Drive?

We guide you through the process of deploying an AI-powered Decision Intelligence platform that understands your business capabilities, makes real-time recommendations, acts to execute decisions, and learns from the outcomes of decisions made. You will experience firsthand how Aera harmonizes data, applies intelligence, engages with users, and executes decisions.

Aera Skills™

  • Address specific use cases, called skills, with composable data science and machine learning models. Select from a menu of skills that solve critical business decision-making challenges.
  • Learn how your team can develop new Aera Skills to meet your changing business needs.

Data-Driven Recommendations

  • Execute decisions at the moment of maximum impact with timely recommendations delivered to your inbox, along with the context and data required to understand each decision.
  • Dive into the data behind each recommendation using Aera’s rich analysis and visualization tools.

Decision Data Model

  • Rapidly ingest and harmonize your enterprise data to get real-time insights and improve data quality.
  • Map over 170 data sets to generate over 80 pre-populated KPIs and measures with Aera Data Crawlers.
  • Learn how Aera’s Data Workbench enables continuous learning by writing back to source systems, capturing the context and outcome of every decision.


  • Gain insights across procurement, inventory, manufacturing, and customer metrics with Aera’s dashboards, data science, and Graph DB capabilities.
  • Empower users with the ability to go from high-level insights to transaction-level details for deep-dive analysis.
  • Identify and quantify the value that Decision Intelligence can deliver for your organization.

“Through the Aera Test Drive, we experienced the ability of Decision Intelligence to empower the people in our organization with the technology and capabilities to accelerate our impact. It's been a privilege to be part of the Aera journey and we look forward to achieving new milestones in the future.”

Kevin Callanan,
Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurement,
Lucid Motors

Benefits of the Aera Test Drive

Actionable, AI-powered recommendations, harmonized data, and insights delivered in your business context.
Firsthand experience of how AI accelerates your business and digital strategies, and introduces your team to a new way of working.
A Decision Intelligence value-based roadmap for your organization, created in collaboration with your executive team and subject-matter experts.
Hands-on workshops and training with your end users to educate them on the benefits of our self-service platform.

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