Aera Developer™

Composable Environment for Decision Intelligence

A self-service integrated development environment (IDE), purpose-built for creating, deploying, and managing Decision Intelligence at scale.

Aera Developer

Aera Developer is a purpose-built development environment that integrates the data, intelligence, automation, and engagement required for Decision Intelligence. Designed to be collaborative, it empowers your data engineers, data scientists, developers, and business process owners to innovate and operationalize capabilities within their own domains to build and update Cognitive Skills quickly and securely.

With Aera Developer, the cloud-native capabilities of the Aera Decision Cloud™ are available to you in an intuitive user experience that is easy to learn, yet powerful enough for the most complex requirements for augmenting and automating decision making. You can start with our low-code builder with included frameworks, libraries, and nodes, and then extend the capabilities by integrating your own functionality with SQL, Java, Python, R, and other toolsets in a complete DevOps environment. Aera Developer is the next-generation cloud development platform for AI-powered enterprise solutions.


  • Complete data engineering capabilities to create a transactional multi-enterprise data fabric, with a wide range of high-performance bidirectional connectivity with many internal systems and external services.
  • Predefined data catalog and models (Subject Areas) with supplied measures and KPIs across domains such as finance, inventory, and sales that can be extended to support your unique business requirements.
  • Embedded analytics and reporting tools for creating and publishing KPIs and reports.
  • Integrated AI/MLOps environment for your data scientists to manage their models, with point-and-click access to a real-time enterprise-wide harmonized data set.
  • Scenario modeling for creating complex what-if analyses used in digitized decision flows.
  • Patented visual decision process model builder that supports deterministic and probabilistic logic flows.
  • Skills recommendations framework that makes it easy for your developers to generate and track recommendations, provide the underlying context, and enable users to take actions.
  • Comprehensive desktop, voice, and mobile user interface definition builder to build dynamic experiences for Cognitive Skills.