Aera Technology Appoints Pascal Bornet as Chief Data Officer

Aera Technology

Mountain View, Calif. — March 9, 2021 — Cognitive Automation company Aera Technology today announced the appointment of Pascal Bornet as Chief Data Officer. He brings two decades of experience and thought leadership in the field of enterprise automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Bornet will help Aera’s global customers maximize the benefits from Aera’s cloud-based Cognitive Operating System™.

“We are delighted to have Pascal join our team. Aera’s Cognitive Operating System enables global organizations to leverage AI and automation to bring business agility to a whole new level,” said Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology. “Pascal’s experience and thought leadership on the topic aligns perfectly with Aera’s vision of a more sustainable and efficient world enabled by Cognitive Automation.”

Bornet is a global expert in Intelligent and Cognitive Automation. For more than 20 years, he has been supporting corporate clients in their successful journeys to digital, automation, and AI. Prior to joining Aera, he founded and led the AI and Automation practices for McKinsey & Company and EY, where he drove the transformation of global enterprises across industries. Additionally, Bornet is the lead author of the bestselling book, “Intelligent Automation: Harnessing AI to Boost Business and Make Our World More Human,” widely considered as the first reference on Intelligent Automation.

“Aera Technology is built on innovation designed to help global enterprises to augment and automate business-critical decisions,” said Shariq Mansoor, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Aera Technology. “With Pascal on board as the Chief Data Officer, we will accelerate the value that Aera provides.”

“I am excited to join the Aera Technology team,” said Pascal Bornet. “I believe in the combination of AI and Automation technologies to automate the most complex business use cases. This crossroad of domains perfectly describes Aera’s unique position in the market. It is about leveraging data, machine learning and process automation to generate the highest value for companies.”

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