Order Skillset

A Promise to Keep

Aera Order Skillset improves customer experience by helping to set the right expectations for order fulfillment while navigating the constant fluctuations in supply and demand.

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The Aera Order Skillset provides solutions to the challenges inherent in the complex reality of managing order fulfillment today. The Skillset offers the ability to meet the expectations of On-Time In-Full (OTIF) delivery and higher customer service levels while reducing uncertainty around Available-to-Promise (ATP) dates and exception management. It also is designed to overcome challenges from traditional order management approaches––disparate data sources preventing the calculation of accurate ATP dates, SKU proliferation impacting OTIF negatively, and increased customer expectations for consumer-like experiences and greater personalization.

With the Order Skillset, Aera automates data processing, dynamic adjustment of ATP calculations, and exception management. The Skillset leverages machine learning techniques to predict the risk of orders not being fulfilled and monitors the ability to meet a commitment.

Aera Order Skillset predicts supply and demand events that may impact the customer delivery requirements and recommends corrective actions to address them. In doing so, it provides end-to-end visibility of demand and supply across the supply network.


  • Improves services levels and increases revenue generation by identifying supply shortfalls and reallocates orders to meet demand.
  • Understands the risks to your business through measured OTIF performance and any generated penalties against it.
  • Increases customer trust and satisfaction by proactively identifying supply delays and anticipating risks of delivery delays on planned customer orders.
  • Improves service levels and reduces backorders by prioritizing and reallocating orders based on supply availability, shortages, and delays.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in return rate and parcel carrier performance.

Aera Skills

  • Available-to-Promise (ATP) Skill utilizes global visibility to allocate supply with demand, using lead times to provide an Available-to-Promise date and quantity. The Skill can reprioritize and reallocate orders to manage exceptions and monitor ongoing ATP accuracy and availability.
  • Dynamic Order Fulfillment Skill provides exception management to fulfill orders according to the ATP and planned delivery dates. The Skill identifies orders at-risk to miss OTIF commitments and identifies and prioritizes alternate shipping or inventories to deliver the order. It also can identify substitute materials or change order priority and delivery date, while calculating the financial impact of all changes.
  • Order Lifecycle Management Skill manages the order lifecycle, and blocks or holds in order to meet OTIF. The Skill provides visibility of the entire order lifecycle, enabling identification of delays with risks to miss the ATP date. The Skill recommends resolution to the holds or blocks required to meet the ATP date or calculates and provides a new ATP date to the customer.
  • Dynamic Supply Response Skill anticipates fulfillment risks where current inventory in the supply network may result in shortages. The Skill considers the options available to mitigate the risks and recommends the one with the best financial outcome. This Skill integrates the Order Skillset with the Inventory and Procurement Skillsets to incorporate the range of data required for the optimal decision.