Logistics Skillset

Optimize Your Shipping Network Through Better Decision Making

The Aera Logistics Skillset ensures customers receive the complete shipment on time, every time by accelerating transportation and logistics decision making.

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The Aera Logistics Skillset provides solutions to the challenges inherent in the complex world of global shipping. The Skillset incorporates first- and third-party data sources to plot optimal routes for shipments, optimized for cost, service rate, and other parameters. It is also designed to manage the disruptions and costs traditional approaches to logistics struggle to address––from more common ones like rail operator switching costs, non-full containers or “empty miles,” expediting, demurrage, detention, and unplanned movements (e.g., non-contracted routes), to the more unpredictable situations like the pandemic or other black swan events.

With the Logistics Skillset, Aera automates data processing, identifies shipments facing delay, and recommends the best possible resolution considering a range of alternatives.

The Skill’s Decision Intelligence capabilities learn from the decisions made by logistics operators and improve over time, paving the way for fully automated logistics tendering, booking, and shipping. Customers will receive updates about changes to their scheduled delivery with greater speed, predictive power, and accuracy than ever before.


  • Identifies the root cause of transportation bottlenecks, wherever they occur
  • Predicts and accounts for delays in advance, preventing dips in customer service
  • Increases customer satisfaction due to greater transparency into the shipping process
  • Automates exception management and proactively redirects the shipment accordingly
  • Optimizes ship dates, sizes, mode, and configurations, reducing cost and carbon footprint

Aera Skills

  • Direct Shipment Skill identifies the optimal number of direct shipments to meet a delivery date while minimizing total logistics cost. It assesses daily customer demand in concert with visibility into projected inventory to consider feasible alternative delivery routes towards customers, helping to reduce delivery costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Efficient Shipping Plan Skill recommends the optimal internal shipping plan and mode of transportation to reduce inventory shortages while minimizing cost. By identifying risks of inventory shortages, the Skill can consolidate shipments, reschedule shipments, or change the mode of transportation, including recommending airfreight only when required to ensure efficient, economic delivery.
  • Outbound Operations Management Skill manages the delivery lifecycle and operations to meet on-time delivery. By providing visibility of the delivery lifecycle, the Skill can predict the risk of delivery delays, identify the root causes for shipping issues before they occur, and recommend remedial action to ensure delivery dates are met.