Aera Technology Debuts Aera Decision Cloud™

Aera Technology

Company’s Next Evolution Follows Milestone Year Enabling Customer Return on Value Through Digitized Decisions

Mountain View, Calif. — March 16, 2022 — Aera Technology today announced the debut of Aera Decision Cloud™ — the next evolution of its open platform to digitize, augment, and automate decisions. Today’s news underscores the company’s momentum enabling business agility by transforming decision making.

As uncertainty, competition, pace of change, and need for agility have grown exponentially, enterprises require a new approach to decision making. The processes and tools of the past are no longer sufficient to respond to changing conditions and accelerate reliable decisions.

The Aera Decision Cloud™, powered by the company’s purpose-built Cognitive Operating System™, advances Aera’s mission to help organizations scale and speed decisions, from manual to augmented, and ultimately automated decision making. It is a comprehensive, composable, trusted, and scalable platform that delivers and executes recommendations for actions that optimize business, financial, and operational performance.

“Aera’s Decision Cloud brings the decision velocity, intelligence, and scale required to successfully perform in our current challenging business environment,” said Fred Laluyaux, CEO, Aera Technology. “Today’s launch of our Aera Decision Cloud platform accelerates our ability to drive incredible value for customers through Decision Intelligence."

Said Chairman and Founder R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research, “Leading enterprises seek the power of analytics, intelligent automation, and AI. They expect their technology vendors to accelerate decision making and enable companies to achieve decision velocity. Customers require technologies that transform business decision making — disrupting the processes and tools of the past and enabling a way to link data with decisions, actions, and outcomes in the cloud, at scale.”

Aera Decision Cloud

Aera Decision Cloud includes these core components:

  • Cognitive Operating System: A comprehensive, open cloud-scale platform that integrates and orchestrates the data, intelligence, automation, and engagement required to accelerate decision making.
  • Aera Cognitive Skills: A pre-packaged comprehensive set of capabilities that augment and automate decision making for specific business use cases – demand forecasting, planning, inventory, ordering, logistics, procurement, finance, sales and marketing, and more.
  • Aera Developer: A comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users to create their own skills, or modify any deployed Aera Skills.

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About Aera Technology

Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company that makes business agility happen. The company’s innovative cloud platform integrates with existing systems to make and execute business decisions in real time. In the era of digital acceleration, Aera helps enterprises around the world transform how they respond to the ever-changing environment. For more information, visit

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