Decision Engagement

The UX for AI-powered decision making

Aera’s user experience is dynamic – available across devices and locations, whenever you need real-time, end-to-end visibility of your business.

We’ve created a user experience that speeds trust and adoption of digitized and automated decision making; delivers global visibility into decision-making processes and outcomes; and provides better alignment to ensure decisions across your enterprise are in sync with goals and KPIs.

Generative AI: We launched Aera with an intuitive voice interface that allows you to gain deeper insights and execute decisions. Today, we are building the GenAI engine for business decision making. Ask Aera open-ended questions about your business, and our interface will guide you to the contextual results you need, quickly


  • Speed adoption of Decision Intelligence: With a trusted, easy-to-understand UX, Aera Decision Cloud supports Decision Intelligence best practices and improved outcomes across your enterprise
  • Global visibility into decision making at your enterprise: Aera Decision Cloud makes it easy to track all decisions being made, the context in which they were made, and the resulting outcomes – all monitored and logged for continuous learning and process improvement
  • Better decision-making alignment: A single system of intelligence helps ensure that decisions everywhere are in sync with your company-wide goals and KPIs


  • Set alerts to trigger at predefined thresholds and metrics, allowing different roles to be made aware of key changes or developments and proactively address them.
  • With our mobile app for iOS and Android devices, make decisions at any time, from virtually any location, and take actions on recommendations immediately while getting insights and analytics on the go.
  • Interact with Aera through a multilingual, conversational voice UI powered by Natural Language Processing, designed to learn from your organization’s region- or industry-specific terminology and nuances.
  • Voice Console allows developers to configure intents and metadata to your own business requirements, enabling you to add terminology or localizations that best suit your organization.

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