Simulation & Planning

Tools to build live, multi-dimensional models using real-time data and ML

Aera Decision Cloud™ includes Simulation & Planning tools that allow you to embed what-if analysis, simulation, and planning capability into Aera Skills™ – with no coding or in-depth technical knowledge required. With our AI platform for Decision Intelligence and automation, your team has flexible ways to build plans and run scenarios – automating time-consuming manual processes while giving you access to the most up-to-date data and ML models available.

Manage uncertainty by incorporating scenarios to model the impact of macro- and micro-economic events, as well as recovery strategies. You can perform what-if analysis based on adjustments to your drivers and assumptions, and create scenarios on the fly from within the Aera UI.



  • Seamlessly integrated with Aera Cortex™: Source data directly from Aera Cortex using Derive Measure to bring in ML forecasting results at any level of granularity. Scenario modeling with Aera Cortex auto-generates time series forecasts and creates touchless plans by consulting dozens of algorithms to assemble optimal models.
  • Visualized scenarios: Process Builder allows embedding of a grid, the visual representation of a model’s data and calculation engine, within an interface with which users can interact. You can connect these visual grids to processes to automate your decision making.
  • Bridge the planning and execution gap: Build your own Aera Skills with Simulation & Planning to connect planning outputs with inputs of other Skills and operational decisions.


  • Intuitive UI and formulas that require no coding or technical knowledge to use.
  • Real-time access to the harmonized Decision Data Model™ allowing you to use live data, measures, and KPIs – models stay in sync with the underlying master data.
  • Models and grids are automatically generated within the UI – no coding required, and no more SQL for table creation, resulting in less technical debt and reduced script maintenance.

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