Data Workbench™

Transform and process billions of rows of data into a unified decision data model

Data Workbench enables you to access internal and external data, refine, harmonize, and publish readily consumable data in the Cognitive Data Layer™. With Data Workbench, you can leverage predefined content from a rich library of crawlers and data models and adapt them to your environment, extend them or create new content to build the Cognitive Data Layer.



  • Data Harmonization: With Data Workbench, you can model the sequence of business processes and orchestrate data transformation accordingly, from cleansing and deduplication of data to correlating and linking each new record with existing records in the system to harmonize data.
  • Context for decision making: Measures and key metrics, such as Inventory Turns, OTIF, and Cycle Time are available out of the box. Real-time augmented and automated decision-making is achievable by providing context for business data models that populate the Cognitive Data Layer.
  • Explainable models at scale: By leveraging Aera’s patented Depth-First Processing technology, Data Workbench can model complex relationships in millions of rows of transactional data, regardless of data volume.


  • Domain-specific calculations and scripts run automatically to populate an algorithmic library of business data models, key metrics, dimensions, and metadata. It provides embedded domain expertise not available in enterprise transactional systems or data lakes.
  • Information is processed and enriched at the most granular level, enabling analysis of enterprise data at any level of detail, from high-level KPIs to transactional data points.
  • A columnar database stores all processed data, allowing users to “zoom” in and out of the data set on the fly.
  • Aera’s patented depth-first processing orchestrates the data refinement and enrichment specific to the type and subject of the data being processed. Complete data visibility and traceability are possible at each node of the data processing journey, ensuring accurate and complete data.

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