Revenue Skillset

Planning to Win

The Aera Revenue Skillset automates and augments cyclical planning and in-season execution decisions for Price, Trade, and Promotions.

Sales and Marketing Both@2x (1)

The Aera Revenue Skillset enables organizations to make optimal decisions for both top-line growth and trade optimization across price, positioning, promotions, and activations. The Skillset augments and automates cyclical planning facets, as well as in-season execution choices like trade, spend negotiations, media channel placements, and product assortment.

Within the Skillset, key decisions available include adjusting the budget, trade investment, and promotions based on historical performance. Additionally, promotional calendar optimization based on historical ROI and recommendations of changes in pack size or architecture to maximize profitability are possible. Once a promotions plan is active, the Skillset tracks competitive activity and in-season promotion performance, making recommendations for adjustments as necessary.

The modeling capabilities of the Skillset allow organizations to test and pilot new approaches, building the business case for scaled investments. Near-term value can be realized by selling to retail customers with data and insights captured by consumer and category dynamics.


  • Makes base price decisions across pack brand or architecture at any granularity (product, channel, geography, and more).
  • Optimizes trade investment by type, based on customer objectives and historical performance.
  • Identifies retailer or channel-specific list and de-list opportunities to drive return on investment.
  • Tracks retailer adherence to trade terms and recommends trade reallocation opportunities, penalty enforcement, or budget adjustments as well as retailer follow-ups based on in-store execution tracking.
  • Tracks competitive promotions and recommends response, identifies deviations from target mix, and recommends corrective actions (sales push, trade-investment, de-listing, and more).

Aera Skills

  • Trade Promotion Skill generates an optimal promotion calendar based on the goals, constraints, and promotion mechanics set by the sales and marketing teams. It integrates the calendar into market-leading Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solutions in real-time to automate promotion creation and tracking. Aera utilizes insights from data science-based volume forecast, factoring in sales history and competitor activity, giving a greater return on trade investments.
  • Media Optimization Skill analyzes media plans and historical sales to recommend demand plan adjustments to drive product availability. It also orchestrates the workflow between media planners, brand managers, and demand planners.