The Future of Decision Intelligence, Now: Meet Our AI Experts and Customers at 2024 Gartner® Events

Gartner Preview Blog - HERO - 04-2024

The world is changing rapidly around us. Increasing digitalization is impacting how we engage with people around us, how we make purchases, and how we make decisions. These changes are accelerating business cycles, requiring teams to make more decisions, more quickly than before, and with increasingly greater precision in a more complex world.

In the past, people have carried the full burden of business decision making, but this is no longer possible – there are simply too many decisions to make. When decisions are left unmade, it can impact the company’s growth, bottom line, and sustainability metrics.

A new approach has emerged that is delivering vastly better outcomes: Decision Intelligence. This approach empowers businesses to meet the demands of a new era. By harnessing the power of technology, companies can tackle a higher volume of decisions with greater accuracy and efficiency. This is a paradigm shift that liberates human capital to focus on designing decision processes, while technology handles the heavy lifting of operational decision making.

I’d like to invite you to hear from customers who are benefitting from AI-powered Decision Intelligence with Aera Technology by joining us at the 2024 Gartner® Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo in Orlando and Barcelona, and at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London.

You’ll hear insights and best practices for deploying and adopting Decision Intelligence from supply chain and data & analytics leaders who rely on the Aera Decision Cloud™ platform. In addition, you’ll learn how Aera helps enterprises identify and avoid risks, capitalize on new sources of value, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo

At this year’s events in Orlando (booth #800) and Barcelona, we’ll show you how Decision Intelligence addresses key supply chain trends and pressing topics Gartner has identified. You’ll have the chance to meet with our team members who have helped large enterprises deploy Decision Intelligence – enabling them to deliver on promises to customers, keep pace with shifts in demand, weigh trade-offs to make better decisions, and much more.

At our May 6th speaking session in Orlando, our CEO, Fred Laluyaux, will be joined on stage by Wendy Herrick, head of customer operations for North America at Unilever, and Sasha Pailet Koff, SVP of digital supply chain at Dell Technologies. They will discuss how the Aera Decision Cloud platform enables their teams to make faster and better decisions, modernize and automate their supply chains, and achieve greater productivity and profitability.

Also in Orlando, we’ll present “Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation: Unleashing AI for Continuous Value” – a discussion of how leading organizations use Aera to achieve faster, more accurate decision making, driving immediate value and sustained benefits over time.

In our theater session, “Moving from BI to AI with Decision Intelligence,” we’ll show how companies are achieving the full value of AI by embedding it organically into decision-making processes. In addition, this session will showcase how Decision Intelligence improves outcomes by minimizing human bias.

Finally, in our roundtable session, “Bridging the Gap: Empowering Future Planners with Decision Intelligence,” we’ll discuss how Aera can equip supply chain planners with the tools and insights they need to navigate complexity and drive profitability in an ever-evolving landscape.

In Barcelona, join us for “Decision Intelligence: Harnessing AI for Autonomous Supply Chains,” where we will present examples of how Aera helps companies digitize and automate decision making at scale.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

One of the themes of this year’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London is exploring how organizations can utilize data and analytics strategies to optimize decision making as they navigate disruption. Join us at booth #205 where we’ll show how enterprises are achieving these goals by deploying a comprehensive, composable, trusted, and scalable Decision Intelligence platform.

We created Aera to be a digital agent for enterprise decision making, making it possible for users to engage with insights, understand risks and opportunities, and execute decisions easily. Join us in London to see for yourself how our customers are benefiting from replacing disconnected systems and siloed solutions with a Decision Intelligence platform that enables organizations to make more decisions, more quickly, and with improved results.

Also in London, our team will present “Moving from BI to AI with Decision Intelligence,” where you’ll learn how enterprises gain value and reduce bias by incorporating AI into their decision-making processes.

We’re looking forward to sharing our customers’ success stories at this year’s Gartner events, and to helping you start your Decision Intelligence journey.

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