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Aera Technology

Company’s First Demo Day Provides In-Depth Look at its Scalable Digital Platform for Real-Time Intelligent Decisions

Mountain View, Calif. — November 22, 2021 — Aera Technology, the Cognitive Automation company, today announced the debut of its Demo Day to showcase the future of intelligent decision making for today’s enterprises. The one-hour digital event will provide a dynamic view of how businesses are harnessing the power of the company’s Cognitive Operating System — the first scalable, digital AI platform that digitizes, augments, and automates decision making.

As the speed and complexity of business grows exponentially, and digital continues to change how work gets done, organizations and IT systems often struggle to keep pace. Not only are decisions being made without the time or data to do it right, but also many crucial decisions are left unmade.

Aera Technology is actively solving the challenge by providing a purpose-built Cognitive Automation platform that can digitize decision-making processes across the enterprise — at the speed required to achieve business agility in today’s ever-changing environment.

“In our hyper-connected world, the ability to make decisions and execute flawlessly at the right time and at scale is business-critical,” said Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology. “At Aera, we’re optimizing how decisions are made across every aspect of the enterprise and helping businesses achieve breakthrough efficiencies in agility and performance with less impact on the environment and massive improvements to the state of work.”

Event: Cognitive Automation Demo Day

Host: Area Technology

Day: Thursday, December 2, 2021

Time: Asia Pacific: 2 pm AEDT; Europe: 2 pm BST; Americas: 2 pm PST


Summary: This special one-hour event provides a dynamic look at our Aera Cognitive Operating System, running at scale across multiple industries. See how companies are taking advantage of our innovative, powerful AI platform to transform decision making across every aspect of their operations — supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, finance, and more — and achieve new efficiencies.

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About Aera Technology

Aera Technology is the Cognitive Automation company that makes business agility happen. We deliver the first scalable digital platform that integrates with existing systems to make and execute business decisions in real time. In the era of digital acceleration, Aera helps enterprises around the world transform how they respond to the ever-changing environment. For more information, visit

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