Aera Skills™

Powered by the Aera Decision Cloud™, Aera Skills provide real-time insight, recommendations and predictions. Aera Skills deliver prepackaged content, logic, and interactions that augment and automate business decisions.

Aera Skills™ are composable capabilities that extend the Aera Decision Cloud™ to address specific use cases that benefit from improved decision making. These capabilities work by giving contextual recommendations while maintaining full transparency - continuously measuring and learning from both anticipated and actual decision performance. Full transparency leads to trust in automated decisions - a requirement for systemic change.

Each Skill is a self-contained solution for a particular business problem with the following capabilities:

  • Specific data crawlers needed to aggregate and harmonize information from required systems and put it in a common data model.
  • Analytics calculations, machine learning models, and simulation models needed for the use case.
  • Digitized decision flow and logic, including business rules and direct user interaction if needed.
  • Logic needed to execute decisions back to target systems.

As you add more Skills, you can reuse common core elements and exchange information, making Skills smarter and more efficient over time.

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