Aera Technology to Integrate Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with Aera’s Cognitive Operating System™

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Henry Hwong

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 25, 2021 – Aera Technology today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with Aera’s Cognitive Operating System. Azure Digital Twins is the platform that enables the creation of next-generation connected IoT solutions that model the real world. The Aera Cognitive Operating System is a cloud platform that can turn vast amounts of transactional data accumulating every second into optimal decisions that can be automatically implemented across the enterprise.

Via this collaboration, customers’ internal, external, and physical data can be combined into a digital twin by Azure Digital Twins service to enable Cognitive Automation—the digitization, augmentation, and automation of decision making. It also marks an expansion of Aera’s ecosystem to incorporate additional third-party data services to increase the precision and granularity of recommendations made by the Cognitive Operating System.

Digitized real-world information captured and modelled in the Azure Digital Twins service will be incorporated into Aera’s Cognitive Data Layer, which represents the real-time state of the enterprise. With patented Data Crawler technology and out-of-the-box subject areas and domain-based metrics, Aera’s platform gives global enterprises a unified, harmonized view of their operations in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

With this single view, Aera’s Cognitive Operating System not only powers better recommendations in areas like supply chain, finance, sales and marketing, but also can automatically make and execute decisions. Aera can now give enterprises complete coverage on every business-critical decision necessary in today’s transformative environment.

"In today’s dynamic, unpredictable environment, enterprises need to respond and optimize quickly for market conditions. By integrating Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with our Cognitive Operating System, enterprises can make business-critical decisions with improved accuracy that can address potential supply chain challenges, thereby ensuring an optimal customer experience,” said Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology. "Aera’s collaboration with Microsoft will deliver business agility for the world’s largest organizations.

" “Digital twins of physical environments and processes like supply chains are critical for businesses to understand, plan and respond more efficiently to real-world conditions, such as drops and increases in demand,” said Sam George, Corporate Vice President, Azure IoT at Microsoft. “Microsoft Azure Digital Twins offers an easy way to model any environment, process, or system and unify the heterogeneous assets and data sources within them— all with the security and scalability of the Azure Cloud. We’re thrilled about this collaboration with Aera, because their Cognitive Automation capabilities will allow customers to extend their digital twins with a comprehensive set of planning and decision-making tools, offering the business agility required to react to a fast-changing environment.”

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