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Aera Cortex™

Develop, train, and operationalize AI and machine learning models for decision making

Aera Cortex™ is the AI engine purpose-built to enable Decision Intelligence, allowing you to operationalize AI in a business decision-making context. Aera Cortex is an open ModelOps platform where you can build your own or leverage models built and trained elsewhere. With direct integration to live data sets, domain-specific algorithms, optimization techniques, and the ability to leverage data science models built anywhere, . This flexibility allows your business to use off-the-shelf AI/ML models, customized and tuned to your needs, or to bring and manage your own models.

With Aera Cortex, users can build plans, run scenarios, and automate previously manual decisions with flexibility – and without in-depth knowledge of coding. Aera Cortex gives you the ability to create and customize ML models at any level, along with the tools to monitor their application, and a rich set of tools to improve them over time. Aera Cortex allows your business to leverage the full power of AI to digitize and automate critical business decisions.


  • No more data wrangling: Because Cortex connects directly to the Aera Decision Data Model™, data scientists always have access to the most up-to-date data
  • Operationalize your models: Aera Cortex makes models available within a decision-making context, and allows you to maximize your investment in existing models trained in other MLOps tools
  • Continuous learning: Leverages the full context of decisions made and their impacts to improve future recommendations
  • Purpose-built for Decision Intelligence: Aera Cortex is designed to deliver the intelligence needed to digitize, augment, and automate decision making at scale


  • Fully-harmonized training data sets available at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive MLOps / ModelOps platform to build, train, and maintain models or leverage models built elsewhere
  • Automated model training infrastructure with built-in AutoML and Auto Forecast
  • Automatically learns from decisions made and improves outcomes with Confidence Scoring

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