Cortex AI / ML™

Develop, train, and operationalize AI and machine learning models for decision making

Augmenting and automating decision making requires integrated intelligence to make accurate recommendations. Delivering that intelligence is Cortex™, the data science engine inside the Aera Cognitive Operating System™. It enables you to develop and deploy data science workflows efficiently and makes machine learning available to be embedded in Aera Cognitive Skills™.

What makes Cortex truly unique is its direct integration to live, harmonized data sets, coupled with domain-specific algorithms, as well as optimization and automated machine learning (AutoML) techniques. And you’re not limited to Aera’s data science models––you can operationalize the proprietary models you have built and trained with other tools and make them available to Cognitive Skills. Cortex accelerates the time-to-value of your data science efforts without the need to be an expert in data science.


  • Operationalize AI: Cortex tightly couples data science projects with ML, decisions, and outcome monitoring. Data science projects are no longer just science projects.
  • Citizen Data Scientists: Cortex is designed to accommodate a wide range of data science expertise, from no data science experience to data science experts. The era of the citizen data scientist is here.
  • Empowering Innovation: Cortex accelerates data science innovation by providing an agile framework for data scientists and business stakeholders to collaborate and iterate quickly. The focus becomes more about the business outcomes and less about the data science workflows.


  • Lifecycle tools to apply data science for Decision Intelligence:

    • Problem Definition: Reports and Analytics can be used in Aera Data Workbench and Discovery.
    • Data Collection and Integration: Pre-defined Aera data sets offload data collection, delegate to Data Engineers, or fully use Aera Crawlers and Data Workbench.
    • Data Exploration and Preparation: In addition to Data Collection and Integration, run models against continuously live data with specialized tools for data quality, profiling, and outlier management.
    • Machine Learning: Aera Cortex in general, advanced, and expert modes.
    • Operationalization: Aera Cortex with scheduling and monitoring and decision integration with Aera Process Builder.
    • Learning and Improvement: Aera Cortex Monitoring with Cognitive Decision Board. Cortex was designed to accommodate a wide set of data science expertise, from no data science experience to citizen data scientists, to data science experts.
  • Automated machine learning (AutoML) for regression, classification, and forecasting tasks.

  • Critical execution and performance monitoring to improve algorithms quickly.