Aera Technology Recognized as a 2023 Green Technology Partner for Supply Chains

Aera Technology

Decision Intelligence Innovator Enables Sustainability and More Through Automated Decision Making at Scale

Mountain View, Calif. — July 18, 2023 — Aera Technology, the Decision Intelligence company, today announced it has been named a Green Technology Partner in Inbound Logistics’ recent ranking of solutions providers offering technology that empowers sustainable supply chains.

Using Aera Decision Cloud™ — purpose-built for digitizing, augmenting, and automating decisions for a wide range of business functions — companies can operationalize sustainability in daily decision making and reduce CO2 emissions and improve compliance. For logistics, Aera Decision Cloud automatically generates data-informed recommendations for decisions that consider sustainability metrics, at a fine grained level, for modes of transportation, origins and destinations, freight types, third party logistics providers, highest maximum emission routes by type, and more.

Today’s recognition also follows Aera Technology’s inclusion as a representative software vendor in the latest IDC Perspective, A Case for Decision Intelligence: From "What Data is Needed?" to "What Decisions Need to be Made?" by leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC1.

Aligned with IDC’s criteria for purposefully packaged Decision Intelligence software, Aera Decision Cloud delivers functionality across the key capability areas defined in the IDC Perspective — decision design, decision engineering, and decision orchestration — with the ability to augment and automate the decision making process with speed and control, at scale, in one solution.

In its Perspective, IDC differentiates Decision Intelligence from point solutions such as business intelligence and artificial intelligence tools that on their own do not provide specific and necessary capabilities for decision making. IDC also discusses the role of Decision Intelligence as a sustainable enabler of the decision framework that delivers outcomes beyond simply data delivery.

“Improving returns on investment in data, BI, and AI really starts with reframing the conversation through the lens of decisions rather than data,” said Dan Vesset, Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management, IDC. “Software vendors that bring the capabilities to partially or fully automate all steps in the decision making process are well positioned to enable clients to move from a focus on the data they need to prioritizing the decisions they make today and operationalizing Decision Intelligence to prepare for the future.”

According to Aera Technology CEO Fred Laluyaux, Aera is actively proving the use case for Decision Intelligence among global enterprises. “Today’s recognition by Inbound Logistics and IDC underscores our ongoing commitment to helping customers achieve better performance, service, and sustainability through Decision Intelligence.”

Using Aera Decision Cloud, companies can:

  • Gather and harmonize data from internal and external sources, without impact to existing infrastructure or systems
  • Gain end-to-end visibility by operationalizing analytics and machine learning models in real time
  • Receive actionable data-driven recommendations, delivered by explainable “glass box” AI for context
  • Continually improve decision making through the ability to automatically write back to source systems and save a permanent memory of all decisions made and the rationale

To learn more about the benefits of Decision Intelligence, click here to download the new IDC Perspective report.

Aera Technology

Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company that transforms how enterprises make and execute decisions. The company’s innovative platform, Aera Decision Cloud™, integrates with existing systems and data sources to enable business decision making in real time, at scale. Trusted by many of the world’s best-known companies and brands, Aera is helping enterprises operate sustainably, intelligently, and efficiently. For more information, visit

1Source: A Case for Decision Intelligence: From "What Data Is Needed?" to "What Decisions Need to Be Made?" (IDC #US50788523, June 2023

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