Aera Technology Named a ProcureTech100 Company

Aera Technology

Innovator Transforming Decision Making Recognized as Digital Procurement Pioneer

Mountain View, Calif. — February 23, 2022 — Aera Technology, the Decision Intelligence company, today announced it has been named a ProcureTech100 solution, joining an elite group of leaders pioneering digital procurement.

Aera is solving one of the most challenging issues for global enterprises — the need to accelerate decision making to respond to an ever-changing environment. The company provides the first AI-based cloud platform to digitize, augment, and automate business decisions.

Always-on and connected, Aera’s platform understands how a business works, makes real-time recommendations, predicts outcomes, and takes action autonomously. Aera is enabling new efficiencies across procurement, supply chain, and other business functions through the ability to easily access and link data with decisions, actions, and outcomes. The company’s platform and capabilities are driving resilient supply chains, breakthrough performance, improved customer service, and reduced environmental impact.

“We are honored to be recognized by the ProcureTech100,” said Fred Laluyaux, CEO, Aera Technology. “This recognition underscores our commitment to helping global enterprises accelerate and scale their decision making through the adoption of decision intelligence.”

The ProcureTech100 is a collaboration between ProcureTech, a dynamic platform for procurement and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and the digital procurement ecosystem — and Kearney, a leading global management consultancy.

Aera was selected after analysis of over 4,000 digital solutions, evaluated across 50 key data points including growth, cyber security, customer, financial, innovation, and employee data. Solutions were then reviewed by over 60 global procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors, across 14 categories, to identify the top 100.

“The ProcureTech100 spotlights the most dynamic, future-focused digital innovators who are driving value beyond source to pay and into risk management, sustainability, supply chain, and B2B marketplaces,” said Lance Younger, CEO, ProcureTech. “Aera is actively demonstrating how technologies that deliver decision intelligence can drive new capabilities and outcomes for the future of procurement.”

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About Aera Technology

Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company. We deliver the first cloud platform that integrates with existing systems to make and execute business decisions in real time. In the era of digital acceleration, Aera helps enterprises around the world transform how they respond to the ever-changing environment. For more information, visit

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