The Aera Decision Cloud™

The digital brain of your organization, making and executing intelligent business decisions in real time. It delivers outcomes at the speed and scale of your business.

In this era of digital acceleration, you can no longer depend on the processes and technologies that brought you to this point. Your business was built with different assumptions in your industry, for a different time. Market and operational volatility has dramatically increased the volume, velocity, and complexity of decisions to be made. Even today, decisions are left unmade – there’s simply not enough time or people to make them all.

Scaling decision making across the enterprise requires a different approach. It requires a digital brain that operates in real time, always on, thinking, learning, and autonomous. With Aera, your organization can make every business-critical decision that needs to be made, so you can operate at the speed your customers expect.

Pillars of Aera Decision Cloud™

Digitizing, augmenting, and automating decision making requires the integration and orchestration of the four foundational pillars of Decision Intelligence: Data, Intelligence, Automation, and Engagement.



Aera extracts and harmonizes billions of transactions from complex enterprise systems and external data sources to create an open, composable, and transactional data fabric designed for decision making. Patented data crawlers aggregate data in real-time, with minimal performance impact to source systems. With prepackaged extractors and domain expertise incorporated into a predefined, extensible data catalog, Aera can be ready for you to begin augmenting and automating decision making in a matter of weeks, not years.



Aera operationalizes advanced techniques including optimization, predictions, modeling and artificial intelligence (AI) within the decision context. Domain expertise is integrated in patented models with thousands of predefined measures for all areas of the business. Bring your own, build your own, or use our pre-packaged algorithms. 100% of operational capabilities needed to predict outcomes are connected and processed in context, real-time, at scale.



Aera models the dynamic cognitive processes that underpin human decision making. With its patented intuitive workflows, business rules and intelligent conversational voice interactions, Aera delivers the system continuity required for transparent, explainable recommendations that drive decision making and execution.



Aera is designed to work with you, providing a transparent user experience that gives you full visibility into the data and intelligence behind every recommendation, down to the transaction level. Decisions and actions are available one click, one tap, or one voice command away from the intelligence powering your enterprise.

Components of the Aera Decision Cloud

Technology Attributes

  • Comprehensive

    Aera Decision Cloud integrates the data, intelligence, automation, and engagement you need for Decision Intelligence. It supports all types of decision making, from manual and assisted to augmented and automated.

  • Composable

    Aera Decision Cloud is a flexible, self-service platform that empowers you to model and update decision flows as your business and operational conditions change.

  • Trusted

    Aera Decision Cloud is a system of reference for decision making, designed for the adoption of decision automation. It provides the transparency, auditability, provenance, and data lineage that enables your organization to understand and trust the recommendations generated.

  • Scalable

    Built on internet-scale, cloud-native technology, the Aera Decision Cloud supports all types of decision making in complex global organizations in many industries.