Aera Discovery™

Powerful analytics visualization with real-time data

Within the Aera Decision Cloud™ platform, Aera Discovery™ provides powerful analytical tools with real-time access to the Aera Decision Data Model™ – harmonized data from across your ecosystem in a data set purpose-built to digitize business decision making.

Discovery is built for complex query functions, with the ability to perform multi-level aggregation and to join large datasets across functions in-memory, delivering results in milliseconds. Designed for scale with report caching, on-the-fly compute, and query optimization, Discovery delivers both high-level views and transaction-level details – unlocking the insights your business needs to drive better, faster decision making.


  • Designed for decision making at scale: Aera Discovery offers report caching, query optimizer, and on-the-fly compute to support digitized decision making across your enterprise.
  • Blend your own data sets: Use drag-and-drop processes and filter definitions, then build KPIs on top of these to create powerful visualizations – for example, you can blend sales data with inventory data from separate parent systems, then visualize the blended data on reports, charts, and pivot grids.
  • Go beyond analytics: As part of an AI platform for decision making, Discovery enables your teams to leverage analytics on a journey to digitize, augment, and automate decision making. For example, drilling down into a recommendation on the Decision Workbench gives users access to embedded analytics, with a visualization of contextual information that helped to inform this decision.


  • Intelligent Search – Aera’s search runs against your enterprise’s data in real time, with embedded data science capabilities to deliver intelligent, user-specific suggestions. Further insights are automatically contextualized into dynamic dashboards and reports with calculated summaries, trends, and key metrics.
  • Visualizations – Analytics offers many different types of visualizations, both out of the box and user-created/customized to illustrate data and trends.
  • Analysis Map – Provides a deeper understanding of data or trends via root cause analysis and the ability to drill down from summary metrics.
  • Snapshots – Capture chart pages for future reference that can be exported or used to compare data across multiple time periods.
  • Monitors – Allow users to be notified when specific conditions are met, as well as with regularly-scheduled alerts.
  • Built-in Security – Ensures each individual user’s data access privileges are limited to the specific requirements of a particular role.

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