Process Builder

Model cognitive processes in Aera Skills™

Process Builder is the low-code graphical environment for Aera Developer™ that allows Skills Builders to use Aera’s patented visual programming framework to connect, compose, and orchestrate all of the data, services, engines, and user experiences required to operationalize a Cognitive Skill.

Process Builder is a purpose-built, flexible environment, where logic captured within nodes can be arranged and configured to define orchestration and order of execution of the various Skill capabilities. This approach allows you to digitize decision-making processes and coordinate everything in an easy-to-use, point-and-click user interface.



  • Digitizing the decision process: Decision augmentation and automation is an iterative process that goes beyond simple if-then logic. Process Builder captures the complexity of decision making by making it easy to integrate data science, analytics, and what-if scenarios into the Cognitive Skills that make real-time recommendations.
  • Scale your transformation initiatives: Process Builder is part of Aera Developer, a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE), that allows you to manage the lifecycle of Cognitive Skills. Capabilities can be easily updated, reused, and repurposed as you scale beyond your original use cases.
  • For developers of all types: With a low-code, drag-and-drop graphical toolkit and responsive layout framework for decision augmentation and automation, both experienced and citizen Skill Builders have access to all the tools needed to build a rich, dynamic, and interactive user experience for a Skill.


  • Depth-first visual programming, allowing you to stitch together any data, system tasks, and human interaction, and interweave these with decision logic. Through this, you can digitize the complex, iterative nature of real-life business processes.
  • Manage the Cognitive Skills lifecycle in a complete development environment, where you can develop and test on your own branch before merging to the master Cognitive Skill. It comes with an embedded debugger and supports full versioning with rollback.
  • Skills Builders have full, integrated access to the full capabilities of the Aera Decision Cloud, from the real-time, harmonized data in the Cognitive Data Layer to the data science capabilities of Cortex and Write-Back integration to automate decision execution.

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