Business Rules

Operationalize and manage decision automation rules

Business Rules allow you to accelerate decision-making processes by digitizing decision logic within Aera Skills™. These automation rules are flexible enough to address a wide range of conditions, from localization and organizational rules to category- and product-level factors.

Create as many rules, conditions, sub-conditions, and actions as you need to fit your specific requirements. Business rules can be localized for particular regions, facilities, or products – users can even create different rules for different conditions on the same product.

With a visual representation to provide a palette of business data, actions, and events, these rules are automatically layered onto the Skill to determine what actions will take place in any scenario.

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  • Digitize complex business policies: As you build trust in Aera’s recommendations, you can define business rules so that routine or high-confidence decisions can be executed automatically.

  • No complex technical knowledge needed: Business Rules are designed for non-technical users, with a low-code graphical environment for intuitive process design that’s accessible to those with limited coding experience.


  • Layer automation rules on top of Aera Skills, guiding the system on when to automate certain activities. With defined thresholds, Skills can progress through processes or make decisions based on user-defined thresholds, only asking for user intervention when defined thresholds are met.
  • Rules can be triggered in multiple ways as your organization requires – on demand, on a schedule, or whenever requested by a process.

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