Can AI Really Help the Digital Economy?

Traditional manufacturing and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are hamstrung by the legacy systems, processes and tools that they’ve used for years. These systems prevent them from competing on the same level as digitally native companies.



Perfecting the Balancing Act of Inventory Management

Out-of-balance inventory that might have amounted to a minor stumble back in the 20th century could now be catastrophic, if not fatal.

Pharma Manufacturing


Bringing lean up to speed

Blending lean with next-gen AI can radically improve supply chain decisions

Supply Chain Management Review


Supply Chain Startup: Enabling the self-driving supply chain

Aera Technology provides the tools to turn your data into actionable insights, across processes

Retail Biz


Taming the retail supply chain beast

Times are tough for Australian retail supply chain executives. The stakes are high, as every day seems to bring news of another high-profile setback or failure, particularly since COVID-19 hit.

ZD Net


Push is on for more artificial intelligence in supply chains

The recent Covid crisis and other calamities exposed a lack of nimbleness in supply chain networks. Can artificial intelligence make things right?

Supply Chain Movement


Self-Driving supply chains are within reach

A future in which supply chains are ‘self-driving’ is closer than many people think, and the coronavirus pandemic has brought that future even closer.



The Future Of Planning: From High-Touch To Touchless

The business world has changed dramatically with the advent of the digital era.

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15 Down & Dirty Ways to Get Green Now

Ready to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and cut waste in the supply chain? These steps will help you plant the seeds.



How Cognitive Technologies Can Help Managers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Companies that optimize how they use automation tools can relieve pressure on teams.

Scientific American


How ‘Cognitive’ Tech Can Prevent a Food Crisis

The pandemic is threatening the food supply chain, but automation can fill crucial gaps



Conquering The Endless Quest For Supply Chain Visibility

Despite investments in technology and personnel, the ongoing quest for Australian businesses to see, measure and improve what’s happening across the supply chain remains elusive.


What’s Next After Digitization?

As businesses continue on their digitization roadmap, many have entered the last stage.



Plan, adapt, survive - the case for Cognitive Automation in a time of crisis

The current crisis should be focusing corporate attention on future risk management and continuity programs based on data, but will the lesson be learned?

World Economic Forum


Covid-19 crisis shows supply chains need to embrace new technologies

Supply chains need to turn to cognitive technology to make better, quicker decisions. Such technological readiness is essential for agility - which, in turn, is essential for building strong industries and a strong economy

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Cognitive automation helps processes run on their own

Merck Healthcare has implemented cognitive automation technology from Aera Technology to drive a digital transformation of its supply chain operations.



Automation as self-driving glass box - Aera's Fred Laluyaux on the firm's Cognitive Operating System platform play

Cognitive software provider Aera Technology has announced the launch of its new Cognitive Operating System.

Enterprise Times


This will impact the way work is being done!

Aera Technology has launched its Cognitive Operating System. Aera is emerging from stealth mode with a fully formed platform that delivers more than many other AI and Automation platforms do.



Aera Launches Cognitive ‘Business Brain’ Operating System

Aera's Cognitive Operating System understands how a business works, so it can make real recommendations on how to improve performance and can act in real time.

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Aera Unveils Cognitive Operating System™, World's First Cloud Platform for Cognitive Automation

New Advancements to Accelerate Adoption of Aera's Self-Driving Enterprise™ Technology



Rise of Cognitive Enterprise in a Post-Digital Transformation World

Why executives must look beyond modernization toward AI, machine learning and other emergent technologies that are already starting to shape next-generation enterprises.

Computer Weekly


CIO interview: Merck Healthcare’s Alessandro da Luca on supply chain automation era

The CIO of Merck Healthcare, Alessandro da Luca, talks about how his organisation has automated its supply chain using machine learning software from Aera.

DC Velocity


How to revamp your order-fulfillment strategy

In the face of an increasingly complex supply chain, experts point to data, automation, and flexibility as building blocks of a successful fulfillment strategy.

Food Logistics


Cognitive Automation Has Arrived

Cognitive automation can speed the farm-to-fork logistics digital journey.


Merck prescribes AI for supply chain complexity

Pharmaceutical company Merck is using AI to manage an increasingly complex supply chain. Merck CIO Alessandro De Luca explains how its prescriptive supply chain system works.

Harvard Business School


How AI shifts enterprise decision-making into self-driving mode

For decades, enterprise systems vendors have promised legacy businesses virtual omniscience—decision-making informed by real-time, comprehensive views of their organizations’ activities and relevant external factors. This holy grail has eluded large established organizations, with their complex agglomerations of systems.



How Aera Technology Connects AI, Voice, ERP for Self-Driving Enterprise

Is voice a novel trend or does it have the power to transform business processes and operations? The answer is yes. But, when it comes to digital transformation, voice is merely the front end to a back-end integration of single purpose or multi-disciplinary systems and data. Voice is solely a user interface; it isn’t the where the intelligence or integration happens. That’s an entirely new layer of technology.

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Solving Omnichannel Fulfillment Challenges With Always-On Cognitive Automation

As digital natives continue to push the boundaries of convenience, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have turned to omnichannel fulfillment as a mechanism to meet rising consumer expectations.



What Comes After Digital Transformation? One is the Self-Driving Enterprise

Businesses have to do more than digitally transform. Executives have to split efforts into modernization and innovation. They have to invest in innovative operational infrastructure, models and expertise that’s capable of competing against a new breed of digital native competitors.



Cognitive Automation in the Enterprise

Cognitive automation and artificial intelligence are core parts of the innovation strategy for many organizations. In this episode, we explore the impact of cognitive automation in the enterprise and share key lessons that you must understand in applications such as supply chain management and pricing and promotions for product distribution.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Getting Safety Stock Just Right

Safety stock is among the most critical elements in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Yet safety stock has also proven very difficult to manage and optimize, even as it locks down working capital and drives up inventory costs.

ITPro Today


Aera Brings AI Decision-Making to Merck Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA enlisted AI startup Aera Technology to help boost its decision-making through predictive and prescriptive modeling.



AI and the Future of Human Jobs

Artificial intelligence is poised to take over any number of tasks related to supply-chain management. But what will happen to the humans who were doing those jobs?

RetailBiz Australia


The Next Frontier in Transport and Logistics

The “Amazon effect” is pressuring retailers and transport providers to achieve new levels of speed and cost efficiency in transportation and logistics.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive


The Never Ending Quest for End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end visibility across the supply chain has become the Holy Grail for leadership teams. That goal is now within reach, as AI-powered cognitive automation is introduced into complex global supply chains.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive


A Different Approach to Inventory Optimization

Aera Technology’s Kaushal Dave, global vice president, solutions development and customer engagement, notes that no matter the size of the company, “the problem always starts with inventory.”

Supply Chain Management Review


How Advanced Technologies are Affecting Supply Chain Software

From AI to ML to IoT, the new crop of supply chain technologies support a world where companies can use the past to predict the future.

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How to Detox the Pharma Supply Chain

Advances in technology, new regulations, and more personalized medicine can make managing pharmaceutical supply chains a tough pill to swallow. Successful supply chains leverage new IT, share information, and embrace change.



Where The Jobs Are: Controlling The Automation And AI Which Now Does The Work

Aera CEO Fred Laluyaux discusses artificial intelligence (AI), automation and the future of work.



Brian Sommer's Quarter in Brief

Words cannot do justice to what Aera has. If you ever get the chance to see how they integrate data from internal (e.g., ERP), sensor and external data sources together and apply ML, process automation, workflow, exception handling, etc. to supply chain and other problems, do it. It’s amazing.



Self-Driving Enterprises Could Run Digital 'Operating Systems'

Read how companies can automate operational decisions, augment their impact and ensure they are acted on quickly.

IDG News Connect


Aera Plots New Era of Automated Decision-Making

Could machines help companies run their operations better?



Why AI Should Rightfully Mean Augmented Intelligence, Not Artificial Intelligence

Aera CEO Fred Laluyaux and Dr. David Bray, Executive Director of the People-Centered Internet discuss augmented intelligence.



Aera Raises $80m to Speed Demand Planning for the Unilevers of the World

Aera raises $80m and reveals big brand endorsements for its intelligent automation platform to speed large-scale supply chain demand planning.

Retail Technology


Brands to Develop Self-Driving Supply Chains spoke with Aera Technology about building real-time supply chain management and analytics systems for retailers.

PR Newswire


Aera Raises $80 Million Series C Financing Round Led by DFJ Growth

Investment to accelerate Aera's leadership in Self-Driving Enterprise™ technology.

Venture Beat


Aera Raises $80 Million to Extract and Augment Enterprise Data

Aera secured $80 million in a new round led by DJF, a growth VC firm with investments in such startups as Twilio and Box.

DC Velocity


Aera Technology Lands $80 Million Funding for AI Software

Aera Technology landed $80 million in funding and plans to scale up its marketing muscle for its "Self-Driving Enterprise" catalog of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for supply chain decisions.



DFJ Leads $80M Round into AI-driven Business Intelligence Startup Aera

Aera Technology Inc. announced that it has raised $80 million in new funding to flesh out its vision for analytics.

Applied Innovation Podcast


Digital Supply Chain: Unlocking Value Hidden in Complexity Part 2

Part 2 of the conversation with Kevin Syslo, and Joe Boggio from Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, and Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology on how complexity can actually be a business advantage.

Enterprise Times


Is Robotic Decision Automation (RDA) the Next Big Thing?

Learn how Aera Technology is making a real difference in the supply chain at Johnson & Johnson. The article also discusses how robotic decision automation is becoming a reality.

Pharmaceutical Technology


Aera: Automating Pharma Supply Chain Management

Aera believes its AI-based platform can support pharma companies through normal supply chain challenges, as well as manage larger disruption issues, such as Brexit. The company’s chief marketing officer, Ram Krishnan, explains how and why AI can support pharma companies in these respects.

Applied Innovation Podcast


Supply Chain: Unlocking Value Hidden in Complexity

For large corporations, supply chains define the word ‘complex’. Huge functional teams, immense spans of control, ever-increasing volumes of data, not to mention a massive reliance on partners, macroeconomic conditions, and ever-evolving consumer expectations. Despite this complexity, modern supply chains are incredibly adept at delivering results and providing a critical link between corporate strategy and the end consumer. Kevin Syslo, and Joe Boggio from Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, and Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technologies discuss how this complexity can actually be a business advantage in part 1.

Enterprise Times


Unlocking the Trillion Dollar Potential of AI for the Enterprise

Aera Client Partner, Fred Fontes, outlines the challenges of artificial intelligence adoption, and how companies can unlock its potential for their enterprise.



Walmart Is Tightening OTIF Requirements. Can Suppliers Step Up Their Game?

Suppliers are scrambling to meet Walmart’s tighter standards for delivery performance — and they can expect the giant retailer to keep raising the bar.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine


Closing the Gaps in the Supply Chain

Achieving true end-to-end supply chain visibility relies largely on digitally connecting things and data as a first step. Robust, secure cloud technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are working together to develop next-gen supply chains with a host of features and capabilities.

Constellation Research DisrupTV


DisrupTV Show: Cognitive Automation and Future of the Enterprise Apps

Aera President and CEO Frederic Laluyaux joins hosts Ray Wang and Vala Afshar to discuss cognitive automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and how large companies are adapting to meet consumer demands.



How To Overcome Biases In Business Decision Making

Aera's CMO Ram Krishnan outlines how artificial intelligence (AI) can inform and augment executive business decision making.



The Arrival of the Self-Driving Supply Chain

Technology has insinuated itself into every aspect of supply-chain management. Up to now, however, the presence of a human to make key decisions on production and distribution has been required.



Cognitive Automation For The Self-Driving Supply Chain

How can systems evolve to allow prescriptive suggestions for resolving near real time problems? In other words, how can we build a self-driving supply chain? And how do we make use of machine learning to make sure the system gets better and better over time? It is not a simple question.

Logistics Viewpoint


Bridging the Gap Between Supply Chain Planning and Execution

“I rarely write about technology from a single company. But I was impressed by what I saw and heard. If you like jargon, then we are getting close to having cognitive automation for a self-driving supply chain. If not, this is a cool solution that helps to bridge planning and execution.”

Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine


Solving the 'Wicked Problems' of S&OP with AI

Wicked problems are undermining sales and operations planning (S&OP) and the supply chain.



Aera Builds New Cognitive Model For Autonomous Decision Making

Business is becoming automated at every level. Not just in terms of physical automation in manufacturing and engineering plants with their sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) connections, but at a deeper strategic planning and operational level driven by software intelligence.

Enterprise Times


Cognitive Machines and the Future of Work

In our AI-driven future, machines will take over data collection and number-crunching chores traditionally handled by planners. This scenario goes a step further with a cognitive operating system. This uses AI to think and learn over time and deliver specific recommendations to optimize supply chain operations.



Aera Technology’s Cognitive OS Helps Fine Tune Business Operations

Silicon Valley-based Aera Technology says that it has developed the first “cognitive operating system” that gives enterprise users new insights and recommended actions to improve their business performance.



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Aera talk about their new brand and the A/NZ market

Business intelligence software vendor Aera is both a new organisation and a seasoned one at the same time.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Digital Transformation Facilitates On-Time Delivery

Digital transformation has become a critical imperative to address the weak link of ATP/CTP in the pharma supply chain.

IT Wire


VIDEO Interview: Aera CEO explains the revolution cognitive AI technologies are bringing

Laluyaux discussed how organisations are already embracing cognitive automation to transform their business operations allowing these companies to reduce working capital, improve efficiency and service levels to clients, and accelerate innovation. 

L’Atelier BNP Paribas


La « Self-Driving » entreprise, nouvelle norme du travail de demain ?

Pour Fred Laluyaux, CEO de Aera Technology, l'IA aura intégré l'entreprise de demain de façon à réécrire les processus créatifs pour mieux faire rayonner l'intelligence collective des collaborateurs.



After the self-driving car, welcome the self-driving enterprise – and all its pyramid organization implications

A self-driving enterprise with its own Cognitive Operating System – a big picture vision of organizational change from Aera CEO Fred Laluyaux.

IT Wire


Mitroo takes on regional role at Aera

Enterprise cognitive technology provider Aera Technology has appointed Rajeev Mitroo as its Asia-Pacific managing director.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine


How More Visibility Into Your Supply Chain Can Increase ROI

Supply chain has come a long way from its spreadsheet-driven days of the past, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Software and cloud-based systems help power the productivity of our pharma supply chains every day, and 2018 is looking even brighter.

Venture Beat


3 Steps to getting started with supply chain AI

AI has emerged as a hot topic in supply chain management to handle precisely this challenge. Innovative organizations are applying artificial intelligence and machine learning against vast sets of supply chain data to unearth insights into problems and performance that are effectively beyond the reach of even the most skilled planning professionals. A common question I hear is,“How do we get started?” I’d like to offer three suggestions.

Inbound Logistics


AI Ushers Supply Chains Into Data-Driven Future

Over the years, organizations have deployed an array of transactional and analytic systems for supply chain operations. While gains have been made, supply chains remain far from the ideal of real-time visibility and data-driven decisions that define the supply chain of the future. 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


3 Reasons Why the Pharma Supply Chain is Ripe for Digital Transformation

The global pharmaceutical market has long passed the $1 trillion mark and is projected to grow at 6.3 percent CAGR through 2022. Pharma supply chains are complex, highly regulated, and reach a customer base rivaled by few. The increased access to copious amounts of data and the rise of data-driven technologies — including artificial intelligence, IoT, and cognitive computing— are transforming capabilities to manage this massive network of manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, and patients.

Venture Beat


It could be time to make your move into the AI job market

As the chief people officer at Aera Technology, I’m in charge of building out our global workforce. Interestingly, when it comes to AI in business, distinctly different roles — say, in development and customer-facing positions — share similarities when it comes to seeing the potential of using AI to improve an organization.

Supply & Demand Executive


AI and the Evolution of Demand Forecasting

While gains have been made, demand forecasting remains a high-stakes guessing game based on outdated historical information and software applications that rely on simplistic business rules.



The New Edge: Unpacking Cognitive Automation

Think of it as the conversation shifting from pain to gain. Unanimously, these businesses seem to believe in the concept of transformation, using artificial intelligence and extending human intelligence. The new focus is not on the data but on the system that distributes executive intelligence.

Supply Chain Dive


How to build an intelligent supply chain

The cognitive operating system provides the computing connectivity. Laluyaux said that Aera’s system crawls transactional systems, like Google crawls websites. In some cases, their system has to crawl 54 different ERPs at one company, which is not unusual.



Beyond ERP: Cognitive Technology and the Self-Driving Enterprise

What is cognitive technology? Fred Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology, tells CXOTalk about AI, machine learning, and the self-driving enterprise that brings data from multiple systems to make decision-making faster and more reliable.

Enterprise Times


Business Leader interview – Frederic Laluyaux CEO of Aera Technology

“When you’re a first-time CEO, you’re trying to be Mr Perfect, and that doesn’t necessarily work. People don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to lead. They expect you to make fast decisions. They expect you to assume your responsibilities. It’s something that’s a bit hard to understand when you’re coming into the job for the first time.”

Constellation Research


DisrupTV Show Episode 89: Frederic Laluyaux, Chris Bradley, Doug Henschen

This episode provided great insights on data, AI, analytics and turning data into decisions. Aera Technology’s CEO Frederic Laluyaux explained how Aera’s cognitive technology enables the self-driving enterprise and shared his views on big opportunities in AI and machine learning and what’s real beyond the hype.



The self-driving enterprise – achievable, or pipe dream? Behind Aera’s cognitive automation vision

Let’s face it – most companies are still grappling with automating transactional workflows. But the team at Aera is pushing ahead into cognitive automation, putting pressure on stale ERP models as they go.



Aera's New Business App Looks To Bring Siri To Your Supply Chain

Using Aera’s software, Merck KGaA was able to increase its level of service of pharmaceuticals to hospitals from around 97% to 99.9%, De Luca says – a big difference in its reputation for reliability. "Voice capability is part of the promise, says investor Jon Sakoda, but Aera’s greater opportunity is for its cognitive tools to gradually expand into more and more workflows beyond the supply chain."



Experts say AI Has the Potential to Put Enterprises on Autopilot

“We are talking about a new era, applying Internet scale technology to the problems facing the enterprise,” said Fred Laluyaux. Just as a self-driving car uses sensors to recognize, analyze and react to the environment outside, Laluyaux said an AI-based self-driving enterprise would look at all things happening outside the organizations, like transactions and the supply chain, and take action.

Supply Chain Dive


Cognitive software: The next standard for supply chain tech

Leveraging the company’s operating system, cognitive software like Aera can learn how the business works from the inside and the outside, making real-time recommendations, predicting business outcomes and enabling autonomous actions.



TechTarget: Using AI for finance is easy to imagine, but hard to do

Chatbots, machine learning and fraud detection are real, and excitement is building for algorithms that can forecast better than humans. But true AI remains a slippery concept.



Diginomica: A new Aera for ERP in the search for productivity gains

Diginomica heralds the rise of Aera and the need for the Self-Driving Enterprise. "Most ERP systems are stuck in the past or are improving incrementally. The next wave of productivity savings for businesses will likely come from technology vendors you’ve never heard of. They’ll come from firms unfettered by traditional ERP transaction processing systems. They’ll come with a different business viewpoint and solve very different problems. It’s all these differences that will make this new productivity wave come to life."



Aera CEO discusses cognitive automation and AI on Bloomberg

Globalive Chairman Anthony Lacavera sits down with Aera's CEO Fred Laluyaux Aera to talk about cognitive automation, artificial intelligence, and how Aera offers proactive suggestions for improving outcomes and making better decisions.

Silicon Valley Business Journal


Startup raises $50M for Siri-like business tool that provides answers — and can get things done

"We bring all of the data of an enterprise into the cloud and analyze it, looking for opportunities and risks that can be brought to the attention of our customers and then we learn from the decisions that they make about what to do about the situations."



Analytics startup Aera re-launches with new AI vision and $50M in funding

The offering essentially combines capabilities from the world of data visualization software and chatbots, an approach that could go a long way towards setting Aera apart in the highly competitive business intelligence segment.



Imagining the Self-Driving Enterprise

Imagine you could take the ideas behind self-driving technology - technology that works in real-time and is always-on, that internalizes its surroundings and that distills data instantly to solve complex problems - and apply it to the enterprise. Welcome to the Self-Driving Enterprise.



Aera uses AI to help enterprises make good decisions

By using Aera, companies should be able to move from automating their transaction processing and move towards automating their decision making, according to Fred Laluyaux, the startup’s CEO.

Entrepreneur Magazine


Entrepreneur Magazine: Using AI to ferret out business opportunities

Aera’s platform acts as the company’s brain, continuously scanning internal and external information.

Wall Street Journal


Merck Deploys AI for a ‘Self-Driving’ Supply Chain

Leveraging Aera, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany is developing a self-driving supply chain to respond to market opportunities faster and serve patients and customers better. Aera predicts demand and recommends optimal production and product routing, measures business performance in real-time and proactively alerts users to risk and opportunities.