Webinars & Events


Sep 14
, 2020

Journey of the Self-Driving Supply Chain

AI combined with internet-scale technology is ushering in a new era of self-driving supply chains, improving the speed and accuracy of decisions.

Sep 10
, 2020

Supply Chain Control Towers & Cognitive Automation

In this webinar, Deloitte joins Aera to discuss end-to-end visibility in your supply chain and how to build resilience, reduce cost and plan ahead.

Sep 03
, 2020

AI and The Future of Precision Decisions in Enterprises

Learn about the impact of AI in the future of work as well as the economic value of decision automation and augmentation. Hear about what is Cognitive Automation and why is it relevant both in the time of crisis and in time of peace.


Sep 24
, 2020

Cognitive Automation Summit: Virtual On-demand - Oct 22, 2020

Attend Aera's first Cognitive Automation Summit to learn how you can achieve end-to-end visibility, agility, and new levels of performance in your supply chains through Cognitive Automation.

Oct 20
, 2020

Future Insights TRANSFORM

TRANSFORM is an innovative live event that brings together the world’s leading practitioners charged with transforming their Supply Chains. This prestigious online broadcast helps leaders gain access to the knowledge and people they need to transform their own organizations in a fast-changing, complex and unpredictable environment.

Oct 28
, 2020

LogiPharma USA, Oct 2020

The online forum for supply chain leaders to ensure business continuity

Orlando, FL
May 10
, 2021

The World’s Most Important Gathering of CSCOs and Supply Chain Executives™

At Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2020, chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) and their leadership teams will gain a strategic view of the trends disrupting their business and the insight and frameworks they can use to build agility and robustness into systems, processes and decision making.

Barcelona, Spain
Jun 14
, 2021

Supply Chain Symposium / Xpo (Europe)

Turn your vision into action at Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2020, where chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) and their leadership teams gain a strategic view of the trends disrupting their business. Through collaboration with Gartner experts, thought leaders, industry peers and solution providers, you’ll explore new ways to approach your most critical challenges and achieve greater impact as a leader.