Aera In Action

Thought Leadership

Jul 07
, 2020

Client Interview: The Essential Innovation Funnel in the Digital Economy

In this exclusive paper, Neil Ackerman, Head of Advanced Technologies, Global Supply Chain, Middle East, and Africa at Johnson&Johnson shares fascinating insights and points of view on corporate innovation in light of Cognitive Automation

May 28
, 2020

Report: A CIO's Guide to Leveraging Cognitive Automation as a Strategic Asset

Successfully adopting disruptive technologies is one of the biggest yet rewarding efforts of CIOs and IT leaders.

Apr 06
, 2020

Whitepaper: Strategic Agility and Absorbing Supply Chain Shocks

Cognitive Automation is a new model that is being brought into play to help supply chains during a crisis and prepare for the future.


Parsippany, NJ
Jun 26
, 2019

Cognitive Automation in Pricing, Promotions, and Forecasting

How can a large organization use cognitive automation to innovate crucial business processes? For RB, whose products include Lysol and Mucinex, one of the answers was moving away from proprietary IT technology and partnering with companies such as Aera Technology.

San Francisco, CA
Jun 26
, 2019

Cognitive Automation and AI in Business

Cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer businesses an incredible opportunity to rethink traditional processes. But are AI and intelligent automation different than other enterprise technologies?

Cambridge, MA
May 16
, 2019

Johnson & Johnson Creates an Intelligent Supply Chain

These days, there's nothing simple about supply and demand. With goods being manufactured all over the world, and customers expecting a very personal experience when they purchase goods and services, the idea of an intelligent, efficient supply chain becomes an increasingly vital part of doing business.