Digital Control Tower Skillset

Actionable 360° View of Your Enterprise

The Aera Digital Control Tower Skillset gives the complete 360° view of your supply chain to drive better, faster, and more accurate decision-making.

Control Tower Both@2x

Aera Digital Control Tower Skillset solves two of the biggest challenges to Control Tower solutions over the past decade: time-to-value and time-to-action. Rapid time-to-value is achieved using patented data crawlers that seek out information and deploy system-specific logic to aggregate data at volume and in real-time into a common data model. This Skillset includes a complete set of tools that easily allow you to customize for your company’s unique data requirements and KPIs. The Aera Digital Control Tower provides an easy-to-use set of views to quickly see issues across your supply chain. Since all information is directly tied to their source systems, you can drill down to as much detail as you need to assess the situation and take action.

In addition, the Aera Digital Control Tower Skillset is the only control tower solution that delivers the intelligence to augment and automate decision making. Every single one of these control tower components can be shared with other Aera Skills to provide the context for recommendations that lead to better, faster, and more accurate decisions. It’s the only control tower solution with a clear roadmap to actions and results.


  • Allows rapid implementation using pre-defined data crawlers for common ERP, MRP, TMS, WMS, and other system vendors that aggregate and harmonize the data into a single enterprise-wide data model.
  • Provides a roadmap to augmented and automated decision making to other Aera Skills.
  • Provides pre-defined easy-to-use views for demand to procurement, manufacturing, inventory, logistics, order, and finance.
  • Supports real-time drill down to supporting data and details from any view.
  • Provides the ability to set alerts and collaborate with other users.
  • Available via mobile and voice interfaces.

Aera Skills

  • Digital Control Tower Skill augments decision making by providing real-time visibility and insights across the supply chain, from demand to procurement, through manufacturing and logistics, to inventory and order. It also gives visibility to enterprise-wide financial performance. It easily spots issues and risks to the business while letting you drill down to the most minute details.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Prediction Skill determines the cause of misses to OTIF targets. It assesses demand forecast accuracy, planning accuracy, production reliability, safety stock level, open POs, and logistics to OTIF performance to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. For orders currently open, it predicts risks to future OTIF performance.
  • Supplier Scorecard and Ranking Skill monitors supplier and material performance across quality, delivery, price, responsiveness, financial health, payment terms, compliance, and more. Suppliers are ranked based on the scorecard and recommended for the best buy suggestions.