Decision Board

A clear view of decision making across your enterprise

Decision Board offers both a high-level view and a deep understanding of how decisions are being made across your enterprise. A key component of the Aera Decision Cloud™ platform for decision automation, Decision Board helps you understand the impact that data-driven AI recommendations are having across your business, and empowers you to improve the effectiveness of those recommendations as your business and market evolve.

By contextualizing decisions made, managers have better insight into how teams operate and prioritize open issues, and how AI recommendations are impacting key metrics. Decision Board allows you to measure the average time required to act on a recommendation, helping to identify potential bottlenecks and take corrective action. This visibility gives you the insights to improve the effectiveness of recommendations, develop best practices for decision making throughout your organization, and reveal opportunities to automate decisions.

Decision-Board v001


  • Ensures timely and effective decisions: Decision Board shows all open recommendations by priority along with projected impact – highlighting trends to help you understand performance and identify potential bottlenecks or issues.
  • Improves Aera Skills™ accuracy and performance: Decision Board provides a complete summary of closed recommendations, and tracks both user response to recommendations and the impact of automated decisions made by the Skill, showing trends over time.
  • Tools to understand team performance: Decision Board provides the perspective and oversight to understand and offer guidance for ongoing improvement. Review team performance, analyze team member productivity, and share best practices among teams.


  • Analyze open recommendations by Aera Skill, owner, mode, priority, and overall impact.
  • Measure Skill performance across recommendations actioned by users and decisions automated according to defined Business Rules.
  • View team actions on recommendations, status, and impact on revenue, cost, and cash.
  • Highly-configurable UX – Decision Board is role-driven, with user roles and permissions defined using an intuitive web interface.

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