Cognitive Workbench

A personalized inbox for recommendations

The Cognitive Workbench is an intuitive interface designed to deliver prioritized and personalized recommendations for the decisions you face. Recommendations are generated by Aera Cognitive Skills using its data, intelligence, and automation capabilities and then presented to you in a configurable prioritized list. These delivered recommendations allow you to understand the context, evaluate trade-offs with powerful analytics, and take actions immediately.

Cognitive Workbench also keeps a complete record of all the decisions taken. This capability allows the relevant Aera Cognitive Skill to continuously learn, improve over time, and ultimately enabling the system to take autonomous actions.


  • Drives Optimal Decision Making: A recommendation provides the best course of action from available options, allowing the users to accept, modify, or cancel as circumstances demand. Once a decision is made, Aera can write changes back into the transactional system(s) of record required to execute the decision.
  • Drives Adoption of Decision Intelligence: Aera delivers the full context to explain the basis for its recommendations. This explainability of its recommendations engenders trust in the system, providing a roadmap to decision automation.
  • Learning to Improve Future Recommendations: Cognitive Workbench tracks the end-to-end activity of users, including a chronological account of steps that were completed while rejecting or accepting recommendations. Aera continuously learns from this audit trail of recorded decisions to improve recommendations over time.


  • Easy-to-use User Experience that can be personalized by role, responsibility, and user preferences.
  • Recommendations can be filtered and prioritized to ensure that the decisions that require the most immediate attention get made first.
  • Each recommendation provides a quantified impact for each available decision.
  • Complete detail behind each recommendation is available to you, from the predictive analytics to the machine learning algorithms used for forecasting.