Deliver analytical capabilities to augment decision making

The Aera Cognitive Operating System™ takes analytics to the next level, where it is part of the process of making intelligent business decisions. By having access to real-time, harmonized enterprise-wide data in the Cognitive Data Layer™ and tightly integrating analytics to recommendations and decision-making, analytics become actionable. And with an easy-to-use, self-service experience to create dashboards and reports, democratized and governed access to data and insights is no longer just a promise.


  • Beyond Visibility: Analytics becomes truly a part of the decision-making process rather than an isolated source of visibility, insights, and reporting in a PowerPoint deck.
  • Trust in the Data: With tight integration with the Cognitive Data Layer, you will know that you have the latest data at your fingertips to drive more accurate insights and recommendations that lead to better decision making.
  • Democratized, but Governed Access: Our role-based self-service user experience makes it easy for you to create the dashboards and reports you need on the data to which you should have access.


  • Discovery empowers you to blend your own data sets with drag-and-drop processes and filter definitions and build KPIs on top of it.
  • Built for complex query functions to perform multi-level aggregation and join large datasets across functions in-memory, for results in milliseconds.
  • Designed for scale with report caching, on-the-fly compute, and query optimization from high-level insights to transaction level details in a single pane.
  • Intelligent Search runs against your enterprise’s data in real-time and has data science embedded to deliver intelligent user-specific suggestions. Further insights are automatically contextualized into dynamic dashboards and reports with calculated summaries, trends, and key metrics.
  • One-click APIs allow for data to be easily accessed from external systems for additional processing or analysis.
  • Analysis Map provides deeper understanding of data or a trend through its capability to do a root cause analysis and drill down from summary metrics.
  • Model and scenario planning to evaluate alternative options as you interact with Aera.