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Aera Promotions

A Game to Win

Aera Promotion Skill monitors the competition and market trends, analyzes historical data, and recommends plans to perfect your promotions.

Aera Promotion Skill augments the promotion planning process with a machine learning enabled optimization engine. The Skill generates an optimal promotion calendar based on the goals, constraints and promotion mechanics set by the sales teams. It integrates the calendar into market-leading TPM solutions, in real-time, to automate promotion creation and tracking. Aera also reacts to the latest scan data and simulates new strategies for optimal outcomes. Aera utilizes insights from data science-based volume forecast, factoring in sales history and competitor activity, giving a greater return on trade investments.


  • Adjusts and improves promotion plans in real-time
  • Identifies the impact of promotions by SKU, region, and account levels
  • Automates creation of promotion plans with market-leading TPM solutions
  • Maintains brand strategy by controlling promotion frequency and pricing
  • Predicts more accurately across the entire portfolio using data-science based volume forecasts
  • Brings clarity with the complex factors influencing optimal promotion plans