Aera Procurement

Streamlined Procurement

Aera Procurement Skill integrates procurement strategy and automates daily procurement processes to enable a highly efficient and streamlined procurement process.

Aera Procurement Skill integrates procurement strategy with the day-to-day operations of a business, automating the daily procurement process and recommending the right supplier based on performance, cost, timeliness and key priorities. The Skill proactively and automatically checks and ensures contract compliance, predicts supplier delivery delays and lead times, and recommends the best course of action for changes and supply exceptions.


  • Aligns day-to-day operations with procurement strategy daily
  • Automates decision-making and execution based on configurable rules & guardrails
  • Improves buyer productivity by automating day-to-day operational tasks
  • Collects, cleans, classifies and organizes all cost data, helping organizations to identify excessive costs
  • Improves compliance with contracts management, which tracks contracts and increases the number of successful supplier transactions
  • Delivers In-depth insights and recommendations on sourcing strategies and organizational spend performance
  • Proactively addresses supply risks and improves supplier reliability
  • Makes sourcing intelligent by automating non-strategic sourcing activities and evaluates supplier bids based on various factors like price, quality, etc.
  • Improves supplier relationships by continuously monitoring the supplier scorecards and performance reports