Aera Order

A Promise to Keep

Aera Order Skill recommends accurate order promises, allocations, and production plans to improve Available-to-Promise capabilities with real-time fulfillment visibility.

Aera Order Skill predicts supply and demand events that may impact the customer delivery requirements and recommends actions to ensure the customer delivery requirements are met. In doing so, it provides end-to-end visibility of demand and supply across the supply network.


  • Improves services levels and increases revenue generation by identifying supply shortfall and triages/reallocates orders to meet demand
  • Reduces excess inventory, improves stock turns and shortens lead time by identifying unutilized supply and makes better use of existing stock
  • Increase customer trust and satisfaction by proactively identifying supply delays and shortages on planned customer orders
  • Increases service level to customers by anticipating risks of delivery delays
  • Improves service levels and reduce backorders by prioritizing and reallocating orders based on supply availability, shortages and delays
  • Reduces supply inefficiencies by eliminating activities not associated with any demand