Aera Forecast

A Faster, Smarter Prediction

Aera Forecast Skill leverages machine learning algorithms that correlate data from historical sales, promotions, the market, and external factors to autonomously generate an accurate demand forecast with minimal to no human intervention.

Aera's Forecast Skill senses, predicts, and tracks changes in demand in real-time and generates the most accurate forecast possible. The Skill applies cognitive intelligence to supply, capacity and demand plans to harmonize the data and bring it to the same granularity to allow for easy, rapid adjustment when variances arise. It further aligns S&OP with financial goals by creating consensus-based plans. Aera's process automation capabilities further allow planners to spend more time on strategic issues rather than repetitive tasks.


  • Brings dramatic improvement to forecasts and subsequently to service levels
  • Predicts variability and recommends real-time improvements to the plan
  • Allows planners to focus on higher value-add activities as less effort to plan and correlate different data sources required
  • Reduces S&OP cycles and analyze scenarios in minutes
  • Drives better New Product Introduction (NPI) Plans using metrics like products, market opportunity and gap analysis
  • Supports changes from beginning to end of a product lifecycle