Aera Digital Control Tower

An Eagle-Eye View

Aera Digital Control Tower Skill continuously monitors the business to identify and predict demand, working capital and cost risks, then prescribes appropriate actions to mitigate or overcome these risks.

Aera Digital Control Tower Skill offers real-time, end-to-end visibility into demand, supply, production and inventory utilizing an algorithmic library of key metrics, trends and analytics for supply chain performance. Leveraging data science, the Skill anticipates, identifies and alerts users to risks service levels, cost, working capital and capacity face. It suggests the most financially appropriate actions to overcome these risks by analyzing the end-to-end impacts of the different feasible scenarios.


  • Provides continuous, end-to-end visibility to business operations, establishing the foundation for better decision-making
  • Increases service level and revenue by predicting the risk of shortages
  • Optimizes cost-to-serve by analyzing the impact of supply actions on cost-to-serve
  • Maximizes use of capacity by ensuring available capacity efficiently to meet demand
  • Manages the rebalancing of inventory across the network
  • Optimizes usage of assets by rebalancing inventory required to meet demand