Search, Voice, and Mobile

Aera acts like an augmented digital assistant to drive faster, more intuitive actions

Aera’s user experience is dynamic––available on any device, in any location, and at any moment for real-time, end-to-end visibility of your business. Aera’s dynamic user experience enables machines to do the work, proactively engaging you when needed with specific action items and context. It transforms the way users interact with a system for making decisions.

In addition to the web interface, a native mobile app enables you to stay in touch with your business and make decisions when you’re on the go. A conversational voice interaction system allows you to interact with digital recommendations in a natural and rapid manner.


  • Curated to Your Needs: Dynamic UX enables the user to view Aera based on role or function, with favorites and quick navigation options available to allow a personalized experience. This ensures users view only the most relevant information for their role, and configurable skills, reports, and dashboards help improve their engagement.
  • Access to Aera at Any Time, Any Place: Aera is fully available on mobile devices, supported in both iOS and Android, allowing seamless integration among workstations, home, or travel.
  • Decision-oriented Information: Aera’s minimalist, simple information architecture ensures that critical information is easily absorbed and acted upon by you.


  • Set alerts to trigger at predefined thresholds and metrics, allowing different roles to be made aware of key changes or developments and proactively address them.
  • Aera offers Intelligent search and auto-complete search suggestions when users make queries to deliver accurate, highly relevant answers quickly.
  • Full capability in a mobile experience, with mobile alerts, notifications, and feedback can be pre-set by role and responsibility to ensure problems are proactively addressed and opportunities are not missed.
  • Interact with Aera using voice through a multilingual, conversational UI powered by Natural Language Processing to facilitate requests and decisions to Aera. Aera’s voice technology is designed to learn from your organization’s region or industry-specific terminology and nuances to ensure meaningful and natural interaction.
  • Voice Console allows developers to configure intents and metadata to your own business requirements, enabling you to add terminology or localizations that best suit your organization.