Embed what-if analysis and planning capabilities within decision making

Modeling is a purpose-built, embedded capability that provides you the tools to build live, multi-dimensional models and embed what-if analysis, simulation, and planning capabilities within Aera Cognitive Skills™.

By combining real-time data, machine learning, and automation capabilities in the Aera Cognitive Operating System™, Modeling provides flexible ways to build plans, run scenarios, and automate previously time-consuming manual processes. Building models is intuitive, with an Excel-like UI and formulas that require no coding or technical knowledge to use.


  • Machine Learning Enabled: Source data directly from Cortex™ to bring in ML forecasting results at any level of granularity. Modeling with Cortex auto-generates time series forecasts and creates touchless plans, consulting dozens of algorithms to assemble optimal models.
  • Visualized Scenarios: Process Builder allows embedding of a grid, the visual representation of a model’s data and calculation engine, within an interface with which users can interact. You can connect these visual grids to processes to automate your decision making.
  • Bridge the Planning and Execution Gap: Connect planning outputs with the inputs of other Cognitive Skills™ and operational decisions through models. Detect variance or anomalies in the actual performance of Cognitive Skills against the plans you build in Modeling.


  • Modeling has real-time access to the harmonized Cognitive Data Layer™ allowing it to use live data, measures, and KPIs in every facet of your business. Instead of having to start from scratch every time something changes, models stay in sync with the underlying master data.
  • Incorporate scenarios to model out the impact of macro- and micro-economic events and recovery strategies to manage uncertainty.
  • Models and grids are automatically generated instead of requiring coding, meaning no more SQL for table creation. Business users can now build their own models.