Cognitive Decision Board™

View and manage how your organization is executing decisions at scale

The Cognitive Decision Board gives you a high-level view and a deeper understanding of how decisions are being made in Aera—both autonomously and those acted on by your teams. By contextualizing decisions made, you can better understand how teams operate and prioritize open issues, how effective recommendations are, and what their impact is on key metrics. This visibility gives you the insights to improve the effectiveness of recommendations, identify when decisions should advance from monitored to automated, and develop best practices throughout the organization.


  • Ensures Timely and Effective Decisions: The Cognitive Decision Board shows all open recommendations by priority with the projected impact, offering summaries, and highlighting trends to help understand performance and identify potential bottlenecks or issues.
  • Improves Cognitive Skills™ Accuracy and Performance: The Cognitive Decision Board provides a complete summary of closed recommendations and tracks autonomous and user decisions made by the Skill, their impact, and the trend over time. This allows for continuous improvements to Skill efficiency using the closed-loop feedback measured by business impact over time.
  • Provides Tools to Understand Team Performance: The Cognitive Decision Board provides the perspective and oversight to understand team performance and offer guidance. You can review team performance, analyze the productivity of team members, and share best practices. Analyzing the average time taken for acting on recommendations can help identify potential bottlenecks and take corrective actions.


  • Analyze open recommendations by Cognitive Skill and Skillset, owner, mode, priority, and overall impact.
  • View Cognitive Skill performance with insights into users involved in augmented decisions and number in self-driving mode.
  • View team actions on recommendations, status, taken actions, and impact to revenue, cost, and cash.
  • Highly configurable and tailored to business and role requirements. Users are provided views based on roles, with the ability to configure which parameters they want to see.
  • Fully customizable by enterprises who wish to bring in additional analytics within the Cognitive Decision Board context.