Cognitive Data Layer

The real-time state of the enterprise. A Digital Twin designed for decision making

The Cognitive Data Layer™ gives you access to real-time information extracted by Data Crawlers and Data Streams in a fully integrated digital twin of your organization. It provides the necessary tools to create a single source of truth for your organization. You can utilize Aera’s predefined library of business data models or build your own custom models.

You can process, refine, and enrich large volumes of transactional and unstructured data in real-time, with a high degree of precision and automation. And best of all, once it’s populated, it becomes a library of information for your teams to create analytics, train machine learning models, and automate decisions.


  • Real-Time Enterprise Visibility: The Cognitive Data Layer provides a unified view of your enterprise, aggregating and harmonizing data from disparate systems into a single data model.
  • External Information in Context: The Cognitive Data Layer provides the flexibility to incorporate external and physical data, from IoT sensor data to Point-of-Sales data and real-time weather information, to ensure decisions are made within the right context. The promise of outside-in planning is available today.
  • Accelerate Data Science Initiatives: By making it easy to access aggregated and harmonized data, your data scientists will be able to spend more time operationalizing AI/ML models instead of wrangling data.


  • Provides a self-service interface and the full set of tools to:
  1. Create Data Crawlers
  2. Create data sets
  3. Create dimensions
  4. Create Subject Areas in the Aera data model
  5. Create data streams
  6. Create extraction schedules and jobs
  7. Work with predefined Subjects in the Aera data model
  8. Publish content for other teams to use
  9. Monitor for errors
  • The Cognitive Data Layer is the master repository of your enterprise, represented in a single data model, fed by real-time data streams with thousands of predefined data sets available in the following major subject areas:
  1. Master Data
  2. Finance
  3. Purchasing
  4. Production
  5. Quality
  6. Inventory
  7. Sales and Shipments
  8. Warehouse
  9. Customer Management
  10. Custom Data Sets
  • Low System Impact: Delivers high performance multi-node processing and extraction scheduling to deliver high performance with minimal impact on underlying systems.
  • Touchless Monitoring: Aera monitors day-to-day data flows and proactively recommends solutions to issues that arise so you can focus on the rest of the business.