Automation Rules

Operationalize and manage decision automation rules

Automation Rules allow you to implement decision automation by adding a layer of configurable logic on top of standard Cognitive Skills™ capabilities.

With a visual representation to provide a palette of business data, actions, and events, these rules are automatically layered onto the Skill to determine what actions will take place in any scenario.


  • Captures Complex Business Policies: Automation Rules are flexible enough to incorporate a number of conditions, from localization and organizational rules to category- and product-level factors. There are no limitations - as many rules, conditions, sub-conditions, and actions can be created as needed.
  • Decision Automation for Everyone: Automation Rules are designed for non-technical users who wish to drive decision automation. With a low-code graphical environment, you’ll have an intuitive way to build in customized automation rules without code.


  • You can layer automation rules on top of Cognitive Skills™, guiding the system on when to automate certain activities. With defined thresholds, Skills can progress through processes or make decisions based on user-defined thresholds, only asking for human intervention when defined thresholds are met.
  • Automation Rules can be triggered in multiple ways as your organization requires – on demand, on a schedule, or whenever requested by a process.