Aera Inventory

A Balance to Strike

Aera Inventory Skill continuously balances capital investment constraints and service level goals while taking demand and supply volatility into account

Aera Inventory Skill provides a planner and end-users a complete view of inventory context, expected demand, predicted lead times, and overall variability of demand and supply. The Skill continuously balances and evaluates inventory levels and targets against defined service levels. It proactively adjusts to expiring inventory as well as minimizing backorders. It manages new product introductions, substitutions, and other conditions in inventory decisions.


  • Improves safety stock performance enables less inventory without jeopardizing service levels
  • Analyzes the split between safety, cycle, excess, transit, residual levels and trends over time
  • Extends coverage to Raw Materials, WIP, and Finished Goods
  • Automates the process of balancing inventory, including executing corrective actions in transactional systems
  • Calculates conditions every few minutes rather than days or weeks
  • Provides visibility into inventory savings to date, actual and optimized inventory by SKU or location