Execute on external systems so decisions become action, automatically

Automating the execution of decisions is a critical part of fully realizing Decision Intelligence. Write-Backs execute decisions at the data level, writing changes directly into the relevant underlying transaction systems, automatically.

The Write-Backs process is designed to be fully transparent and fail-safe, incorporating acknowledgements and rollback mechanisms to ensure the integrity of mission-critical enterprise systems. This approach allows for an incremental approach to automation.


  • Continuous Learning and Optimization: By connecting recommendations and decisions to the resulting actions in the native transactional systems, you have the complete context to enable the optimization of future recommendations and better decision making.
  • Enable Full Decision Automation: Writing back to core enterprise systems is a path towards the eventual end-to-end automation of decision making.


  • Pre-defined Write-Backs are available for many of the most common enterprise actions providing fast time to value, including:
  1. Purchase Order
  2. Stock Transfer Order
  3. Sales Order
  4. Work Order
  5. Demand Forecast
  6. Safety Stock
  7. Availability Date
  8. Lead Time
  9. Production Plan
  10. Trade Promotion
  11. Clear MRP Errors
  12. Send Email
  13. Initiate Workflows