Aera Logistics

Freedom to Move

Aera Logistics Skill intelligently optimizes shipping network, uncovering opportunities for more efficient transportation, identifying bottlenecks, and automating shipment delay resolution to ensure customers receive the complete shipment on time, every time.

Aera Logistics Skill incorporates first and third-party data sources to plot the most optimal route for shipments, maximizing for cost, service rate, or by any other parameter. The Skill’s cognitive intelligence capabilities learn from the responses of logistics operators and improve over time, paving the way for a fully automated logistics tendering, booking, and shipping solution. Customers will receive updates about changes to their delivery scheduled with greater speed, predictive power, and accuracy than ever before.


  • Identifies the root cause of transportation bottlenecks, wherever they occur.
  • Predicts and accounts for delays in advance, enhancing customer service
  • Increases customer satisfaction thanks to greater transparency into the shipping process
  • Automates exception management, with a robust process builder that learns from your operators and proactively redirects the shipment accordingly
  • Optimizes ship dates, sizes, and configurations, reducing cost and emissions from vehicles